Leather Earrings

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Handmade Leather Earrings

At Jewels and Beauty, we provide one of a kind, handcrafted pieces of jewellery.  Jewellery has been used for centuries as a way to adorn the wearer, as well as to beautify and harmonise a person’s style.  The shear range of styles you can get with earrings alone can really add a unique flair and polish to your overall ensemble.  Colour and shapes, especially when worn near your face – which is often the focal point of a lot of the fashion we wear – can really enhance a look, and often is matched with a particular haircut, style or up-do.

You can use many materials to make a whole host of beautifully crafted bespoke earrings.  Having a wide variety of materials to choose from, means that you will be able to find a look to suit your personal style and preferences.  Using natural textures and materials to create bespoke earrings can look amazing, and the adaptability of leather is truly wonderful.  Here at Jewels and Beauty, you will find a huge collection of handmade leather earrings and handmade suede earrings to choose from.  Cut in a variety of shapes such as our handmade teardrop earrings, and matched perfectly with other materials to provide you with a choice of textures, you will find our bespoke handmade leather earrings are of the highest quality, made with love and attention to detail.

Leather is a beautifully flexible material, ideal to wear as dangle earrings, that also hold a shape well.  You can choose from a variety of different colours, either as one piece of leather or created with several layered pieces.  Our bespoke Layered earrings made from leather or suede, or a mixture of both, can be created to blend some theme colours together.  Whether the colours in the earrings you choose from are to be worn with a party dress, or an everyday outfit, you can coordinate your look by matching it with any of our multiple pieces of leather that comes in a variety of shapes from teardrop leather earrings to diamond and feather shapes.  In fact, we even have a choice of patterned leather earrings, that are simply divine.  Our bespoke tasselled earrings feature the look of fringed cut leather that dangles beautifully, creating texture and contrasting patterns that give a pleasing array of shape and textures.

If you like earthy textures and materials that contribute to a natural look, then you can also check out our collection of wooden earrings, such as the blue floral wooden earrings that are matched with some gorgeous faux leather material.  And if you are looking for something else entirely, please check out our other jewellery pieces such as some silver-coloured stud earrings, bespoke gold earrings and beaded and resin jewellery.

For those who prefer not to wear leather materials, we have a choice of bespoke faux Leather earrings that come in the exact styles and looks as mentioned above.  For more information, please look at our about us page, or browse our other jewellery collections and beauty products.