Patterned Leather Earrings

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At Jewels and Beauty, we produce simple, handcrafted jewellery and beauty products. Founded during the pandemic in 2020, we are a small business based in Kettering, supplying bespoke handmade jewellery to all throughout the UK. Our jewellery is made with love from high quality, sustainable materials. As opposed to mass-produced high street products, you can take advantage of our unique range of jewellery designs and really stand out from the crowd.

Handcrafted Leather Earrings

As part of our selection of jewellery products, we are pleased to offer patterned leather earrings. Within our current range, you will see a choice of twelve different designs, ranging from just £6 to no more than £10, making our unique collection affordable too. This is possible due to the choice of materials that we use for the earrings in this category. Although described as leather earrings, our products in this range are actually faux.

By using a majority of faux leather in this selection of earrings, this enables us to make our designs more affordable. This means that most of this range is also suitable for vegans or vegetarians who prefer not to use animal products. It also has the advantage of being extremely durable, able to withstand everyday scratches and scrapes that real leather wouldn’t be able to tolerate, which it also means it isn’t prone to peel or crack in the same way. That said, some items contain genuine bovine within the design, so make sure to enquire if this is important to you.

Bespoke Patterned Earrings

Examples of earrings in this category include a range of circular design, some with hexagonal elements in the metal element. This includes a pink and white woven design, an embroidered pink floral pattern, a blue printed pattern, or a Burberry-style chequered print. Some of these patterns are also available in other geometric shapes, including rectangles and triangles. We also offer two kinds of teardrop earrings, one in a dark sparkly blue, and the other with a teal and gold pattern.

For more information about our handcrafted items, and for enquiries about our bespoke products, please get in touch today and we will be happy to help you with any queries you may have for us.